Reliable and experience, our electrician has been offering home and office electrical solutions since the 1970s. Engaging only local electrician whom have undergone the various courses required, our electrician are qualified and well equipped to assist you with your electrical problems.

Electrical Services

We provide home and commercial electrical solutions such as:

. changing of light bulbs,
. trouble shooting of defective lighting
. replacement of switches and power sockets
. remedy of electrical trip

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About us

We provide both electrical solutions as well as other handy man work such as carpentry and plumbing solutions. By hiring only experience local technician, we ensure quality workmanship.

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Call us today for an appointment @ 6280 4615

Our Service Guarentees

Looking to hire an electrician but yet worried that the electrician that turns up would be someone unqualified? Worry no more. Our electrician holds a EMA License for electrical work. The Licensed electrician is the actual person that would turn up at your door.

Experienced and having work with various MNC in the past with their maintenance work, the electrician would definitely be able to assist you in troubleshooting and repairing the problem.

For a Reliable Electrical Services Call us at: 6280 4615